I realized that I hardly have any couples portraits posted on my blog or on my Facebook, and they are one of my favorites! Well, spring is here (though us in the Seattle area may beg to differ, since we have seen snow, hail, blustery freezing winds, and all as of late.) Even so, spring […]

I just love “just because” couples portrait sessions! Who says you need a special occasion to celebrate your love and have fun together creating portrait memories and artwork you will treasure? Not me! Sean and Kim wanted to have a couples portrait session, partly so they would have pictures to cherish while they would be […]

And yet another “just because” couples portrait session. I love it! It’s such a joy to get a little glimpse into each and every relationship I photograph. Each couple has its own unique qualities, and I get to document a bit of the couple’s love story in portraits. What an honor! James and Katie each […]

We had such a fabulous Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season too! Our Dakota, now two and a half, has been the most animated this Christmas than ever. We were all full of laughs watching him open presents and pass them out, bubbling with excitement over a new Tigger and Pooh […]

Beth and Jake are the cutest, sweetest couple around, no joke! I have been looking forward to shooting their engagement portraits for a while now and was so excited when the time finally came. You can really tell how much these two love each other. They adore just spending time together relaxing, having fun, making […]



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