Christmas 2009 | {Family Time}

We had such a fabulous Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season too! Our Dakota, now two and a half, has been the most animated this Christmas than ever. We were all full of laughs watching him open presents and pass them out, bubbling with excitement over a new Tigger and Pooh videos…train sets…the sled he wanted from Santa – you name it!

I’ve been getting a little more in the shooting mode again as my maternity leave is slowly winding down and my brain is able to wrap around more than just baby stuff. I was even inspired when I caught my bro, Will, and his girlfriend, Mariko, snuggling on the couch. I snuck a shot of them and then we turned it all into a mini photo shoot. I even had an “assistant!” (You’ll have to check out the pics to see who it was.)


christmas 2009 i kristen buchmann photography

christmas 2009 issaquah kristen buchmann photography 3


christmas 2009 issaquah kristen buchmann photography 5

And introducing: My new assistant! We gave Dakota a camera for Christmas, and he’s ready to work it like mommy. That’s my pumpkin!


In case you didn’t know, he’s also an aspiring musician.

christmas 2009 kent kristen buchmann photography 7

His dad is not, but he sure rocked it out with his boy!


And one of my sweet baby Canyon, growing up oh so quickly!

christmas 2009 issaquah kristen buchmann photography 8

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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