I had the privilege of meeting Samantha and her family and having a senior portrait adventure awhile back. When planning a senior pictures session, I love getting to know each and every one of my clients and asking them fun and creative questions, getting a little snapshot into who each of them are. Samantha and […]

Like so many of my clients are at the beginning of a portrait shoot, Vanessa was a bit unsure of how to pose or whether or not she would look good. It’s typical to feel that way, especially among high school senior girls, I have found. Yet, I assured her it always gets better and […]

What a perfect mixture of urban fun and gorgeous nature to showcase beautiful Mehak in her senior pictures! She is a city girl who also loves nature, so we found the perfect blend of both. We captured so many lovely moments and treasures (two significant necklaces, for instance) in her senior portraits and you get […]

Ali! Another gorgeous senior and more beautiful senior pictures! If I remember correctly, she was thinking that some shots with a barn would be cool, so I brought some banana bread over to my neighbor again and asked if we could use his place. (The same place where we had taken Kayla’s shots.) I love […]

Meet Miss Photogenic. No really, Lindsey is very natural in front of the camera, which made taking her senior portraits such a breeze. She loves the tall grass and water, so we made sure to find spots to that would showcase her favorite types of places for her senior pictures. I am posting a ton […]

Smiles and Flowers. If I could sum Emiko up in two words, those would be it. She is full of contagious, full on, smiley eyed-smiles that you just can’t resist. When I asked her mom, Chrissy, how she would describe Emiko, she said that she always pictures Emiko around flowers. “Flowers, it is!” I said. […]

As you may know, tailoring each portrait session to each client is very important to me. I want your photos to reflect who YOU are, and I wish for your portrait session to be an amazing experience YOU will enjoy. Kayla’s senior portrait session is a fantastic example of the custom-tailoring I do and the […]

Meet Priyanka, another one of my fabulous senior portrait clients! What a gorgeous day we had for her senior portraits…and what a perfect location. She loves the color purple, and I had just spotted the perfect patch of purple flowers, which must have just been meant for her. Priyanka also loves the “hair flipping” look […]

Alli brought a whole group of friends will her to her senior portrait session to help cheer her on – literally. They (cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders alike) were doing cheers behind me and telling all sorts of great jokes to get Alli to laugh. Boy did it work! We captured some delightful laughter, beautiful smiles, gorgeous […]

What a perfect, beautiful day, for a lovely, beautiful gal’s senior portraits! Alisa had her friend Rosalind join us for the senior pictures fun, and we had a lot of laughs and great times on the shoot…not to mention a ton of amazing pictures. Here are a few for you to enjoy! Thank you, Alisa […]



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