Emiko | Senior Pictures {Class of 2012 Senior Portrait Photographer}

Smiles and Flowers. If I could sum Emiko up in two words, those would be it. She is full of contagious, full on, smiley eyed-smiles that you just can’t resist. When I asked her mom, Chrissy, how she would describe Emiko, she said that she always pictures Emiko around flowers. “Flowers, it is!” I said. We ended up scheduling Emiko’s senior portrait shoot at the last minute and had a perfectly gorgeous day to match a perfectly beautiful girl. I so wanted to capture her laughter and smiles in her senior pictures, since my goal is to capture the real person and freeze them in artwork forever in custom portraits…and we can’t forget loads and loads of flowers! Here are a few of my favorate portraits from Emiko’s senior pictures session. Enjoy!:

Thank you Emiko (and mom Chrissy and super spokesmodel Tracy) for a fabulous senior portrait shoot. You all helped make it wonderful!





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