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Alli brought a whole group of friends will her to her senior portrait session to help cheer her on – literally. They (cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders alike) were doing cheers behind me and telling all sorts of great jokes to get Alli to laugh. Boy did it work! We captured some delightful laughter, beautiful smiles, gorgeous scenery, and had a whole lot of fun in the senior pictures process. One of my favorite things as a senior portrait photographer is getting a taste of that wonderful, youthful spirit that high school seniors have. It’s amazingly contagious. Take a look at all of the fun:

Alli and her friends have a funny tradition of taking photos where the three of them are off in a group, separate from Alli. Here is a spin on that tradition, with Alli showing her beautiful confidence!

As you may already know, I make sure that each senior portrait session is tailored to the individual. I personalize it for YOU! Since Alli does a fantastic job in school and is the one her peers often turn to for school help, we thought it would be fun to play up the nerdy aspect, piling up a bunch of books and having Alli wear some bit-of-nerdy glasses. NO – She’s not really a nerd. 🙂 We just thought her friends would get a kick out of it and that this styling would help everyone remember a bit of Alli’s identity during her senior year.

Did I mention Alli’s fabulous shoe collection? We thought we would play it up a little:

Yes, they are spelling her name! Can you see it: A – L – L – Y! Too much fun. 🙂

What a fun day! Thanks, Alli and gang.




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