HI all! If my blog is looking a little strange or does weird things, it’s because it’s undergoing some maintenance. 🙂 I’m trying to switch over to a new theme, but it will take a bit of work to get things looking and running how I want them. Please excuse any hiccups and enjoy browsing […]

Meet Marina. Her name means “Princess of the Sea,” which I think is so perfect, given how she loves the water, is a swimmer, and that so much of her life revolves around “the sea,” so to speak! She had quite a fun group of girls join her for her senior portrait session, and we […]

I have another lovely spokesmodel I would like to introduce! Meet Elizabeth! If she goes to your high school, she is the person to contact for a special deal on and first-hand experience with senior portraits with me. She is quite a gem – full of smiles and laughs (and she even pulled off some […]

Just in case you are wondering why my blog looks a little funny right now and keeps changing, it’s because I’m in the process of revamping it! Stay tuned for a new look, and please be patient with the little hiccups. 🙂

Hey all!  I wanted to let you know that, until January 8th, Kelly Moore has so graciously extended a discount on her gorgeous bags to all of my blog readers. If you missed my previous post about them, you can find it here and can visit the site here. The discount code is “bloglove.” By […]

I am on a ROLL today, so I thought I wouldn’t stop while I’m ahead. Can you believe I’m posting again? There is a really informative day of learning perfectly suited to boutique photographers’ businesses or any boutique business really. It’s happening in just a few days, on December 28th and, get this: it’s completely […]

I just had to tell all of you blog readers out there that one of the coolest bags ever is about to be released! Kelly Moore, a photographer whose awesome work is a huge inspiration to me, has worked long and hard to create the perfect bag for photographers. Not only that, but this bag […]

I had the pleasure of visiting baby Campbell’s home again for her four month old portraits! I can’t remember if I got a chance to post her newborn portraits for you all, so I might dig them up so you can enjoy all of Campbell’s cuteness as she grows. (Her parents are doing my Baby’s […]



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