Elizabeth | {Senior Portrait Spokesmodel} Kent, WA

I have another lovely spokesmodel I would like to introduce! Meet Elizabeth! If she goes to your high school, she is the person to contact for a special deal on and first-hand experience with senior portraits with me. She is quite a gem – full of smiles and laughs (and she even pulled off some beautiful “serious” looks and now has the photos to prove it to one unbelieving friend lol!) We had a wonderful time, and you will never believe from the photos below that this was her first professional shoot ever! What a way to start. 🙂 Here are some of the faves:

Oh, I forgot to mention that Elizabeth is a phenomenal lacrosse player! I love the look we styled below: glammed out gal meets tough lacrosse chick 😉

Her favorite color is – get this – rainbow! Soooo cute. Well, we didn’t have any rainbows out that day, so I took the liberty of putting a faint rainbow overlay on this next dreamy, snowing cottonwood senior spokesmodel photo:

Elizabeth, you were wonderful! Thanks so much for joining my senior portrait spokesmodel team!





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