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Ooooh! I am so excited that I am about to launch an all new Spokesmodel program! Here’s a little scoop: I want to celebrate the beauty found in each individual and the wonders and delights in the world around us. I want to stop people in their tracks, in the midst of the everyday hustle, to marvel at those things.

I am looking to build a team of high school juniors who were born to make the world a more beautiful place. Their hearts of gold draw others to them.
They believe love wins and that each of us is meant to leave a unique mark on the world. They aren’t afraid to speak up for the underdog and they cheer on all who succeed and who take steps to follow their dreams. They believe in both the value of hard work and also in carving out time to rest and play and enjoy this life we are given. They discover beauty in the world around them and they would enjoy teaming up with others to make a difference.
I want to spoil a team of spokesmodels a bit, pampering them and helping them pause in the midst of their crazy schedule for some fun and laughter and a chance to feel and look beautiful, letting their inner beauty shine though. Then, they can spread the word so friends and peers can have a similar experience.
I want to change lives. Who’s with me? Comment below! Tell me about a high school student you know who fits this description. And please spread the word!
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