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Hi all! Well, it seems like I just can’t find enough time to squeeze in some blogging fun! Nevertheless, here I am, sharing portraits from a very fun senior portrait spokesmodel shoot with my newest spokesmodel for the class of 2012, Tracy. Let me give you a little background on this shoot. Being a photographer and loving capturing the beauty and fun in all of my clients, family, and the world around me,  my strange little mind is always soaking up possible photo shoot locations…and I find some of the strangest, most lovely locations, mind you! You may not know it, but some of the beautiful fields that provide backdrops for some of my clients and models are just that – beautiful fields. Some are really natural beauty found next to the freeway. Others, as in Tracy’s spokesmodel shoot’s case, are overgrown, deserted housing plots. 🙂 Well, I noticed this particular housing plot a little over a year ago when I spotted the largest dandelion clocks I have ever laid eyes on! (I call the fuzzy balls that yellow dandelions leave behind “dandelion clocks,” because I read that in a book.) Anyway, those amazing blooms blew away before I had a chance to use them for a photo shoot. I kept looking and looking this year and, what do you know? The blooms came out just in time for Tracy’s senior spokesmodel shoot! Whoo hoo! Tracy was such a great sport in all of this…I’ll show you why in a minute. Please enjoy the lovely photos we got:

First of all, here is the ultimate dandelion clock-blowing photo!

How did we get that shot? Let’s just say with a little bit of magic. You see, those dandelion clocks were hearty little fellows. Tracy was puffing on them with all her might and couldn’t get them to budge. Finally, I just had her shake of the blooms! lol! Check it out:

Sooo, the first photo I showed was really a mixture of the first photo in the blog storyboard above and the second to last one. Ha ha ha! Photoshop magic and a whole lot of fun. And now on to the rest:

OH I forgot to mention the amazing little yellow chair we found in an alley! Too perfect!

Thanks, Tracy! Welcome to the team!




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