Carter | {Senior Pictures} Class of 2011 Senior Portrait Photographer

I love it when I have a special inspiration perfectly fitting a certain photo shoot. Well, that’s just what happened while on my way driving to Carter’s senior portrait session. We had all been talking about clothing choices for Carter’s senior pictures and decided on a variety of everyday wear contrasted with some shots in a nice suit. I always think it’s a great idea to have variety of outfits for each photo shoot. That allows us to capture a variety of looks and adds even more fun to our portrait sessions. I was admiring the gorgeous fall scenery while driving to the shoot and my eyes fell upon an amazing “field” of sorts just calling out for a young man wearing in a suit for a fun album-cover type look. Carter was up for it, so we hiked our way out to the field for some perfect guy senior portrait artwork! Not only that but we also got some perfectly fun shots in the woods. Since Carter enjoys the outdoors, we headed off to the woods for some shots. While out there, Carter mentioned something about climbing a tree and the rest is history. We had plenty of other picture perfect moments, but we will just let the photos speak for themselves. (I’m posting a ton because they ordered a portrait album and I’ve artfully retouched a bunch, making it so hard to choose!)

Thank you, Carter, friends, and family, for such a fabulous time! You are all such fun. 🙂



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